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A small update

Tonight was wash night. yay…I have a love/hate relationship with that! I love how curly my hair seems. but I don’t know many hairstyles yet! boo. I want to learn how to twist my hair.

Me the other day. I love wearing my fro!!

Me and my best friend in life Samantha!! I love her so much and I have no clue what I would do without a friend like her. This is from one of our date nights earlier this week.

I’ve been doing ok. I’m excited because school started Thursday! Also my birthday is this upcoming Tuesday. The big 2-5. Married life is wonderful. I miss Disney World. I’ve been sick and my fibromyalgia has been terrible. I’ve seen a ton of awesome movies. The Expendables 2 and ParaNorman have been my favorites!  I went to warped tour. Work has been interesting and I lost my “work bff” because she is super paranoid but that is another post in itself.

That is a short little update. I promise a longer one soon!!!

BFF Date Night

BFF Date Night!

Tonight was an awesome BFF Date night! We both got MassageLuxe gift cards for Valentine’s Day so we had a “couple’s” massage!

Super relaxing and amazing. We were so relaxed when we left we were floating! Everything was wonderful and if I had a disposable income, I would SO get a monthly membership.

I think we need to go to Massage Envy and get a cheap introductory massage there too. Massages are the best!!