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Playtime: Windsor Castle Park Natural Playscape

Smithfield, Virginia is my hometown and such a beautiful place! Maxine is at an age where she can enjoy playing on her own so I decided to take her to check out the new Windsor Castle Park Natural Playscape.

Maxine has her back facing everyone. She is at the top of the slide and hovering before letting go. The background is very green.

She loved it! I loved that they had a side for younger children. We stayed over there today.

Maxine is walking across small logs in the ground. The background is green and trees

The entire area was beautifully shaded by trees. It didn’t feel as miserably hot as the thermometer read.

Maxine is playing in a large sandbox

Maxine is flying down the slide.

This slide was the perfect size for Maxine and she went on it several times. The other slide on the big kid size is 30 feet!

Maxine is walking in a wide green park

Maxine is climbing a wall.

Max had a blast and we will definitely be back soon!

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Super Fun Week!

I’ve been doing a great job of keeping myself busy. Here are some pictures from my week!


I went out to grab a few things to make an extra special Father’s Day dinner.


She slept while I cooked.


I did some toddler wearing while babysitting on Tuesday.


I tried out a Pavo.


I got a new bathing suit. Walmart has so many mirrors!


We went to the pool and used our water sling!


I met Heather!


I had my first meeting as a volunteer babywearing educator. LOVE THIS.


We went back to the pool. Nursing in public!

I had an awesome week. I can genuinely say that I love everything about my life! My family is amazing. I have wonderful friends. Things are just great!

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Eleven Things

1. What kind of books do you read? If not, what do you enjoy doing most? I read anything fiction. My favorites are by Jodi Picoult.

2. What is the most precious memory you have?
The last time I visited my aunt before she died.

3. The movie you wanna see the most?
The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

4. Shows/series you were or are addicted to now or then. Which is your favorite?
Boy Meets World for sure!

5. What do you often do in your spare time?
Lately, I just lay in bed and sleep lol. Baby baking is kicking my butt!

6. What are your thoughts on college and the education system in general?
I hate that I’ve spent so much and still can’t find a job in my field. For the amount college costs, it should come with job placement.

7. What is your earliest memory you have?
I remember a kid falling off his bike and skinning open his knee to the BONE. I recently asked my mom if that really happened and she couldn’t believe that I remembered! I was about 3 when that happened.

8. It can be a board, video, or card game, but which one is your favorite? Which one is your least favorite?

9. What is one thing you regret doing?
I regret nothing. Seriously.

10. What is your dream job/career?
Office Manager.

11. What song is stuck in your head?
The Pitch Perfect Treblemakers final performance melody.



I really miss my friends that live out of town.


Carressa, my Roast Beef (that’s another story,) has been in town, so on Saturday I went out to dinner with her and her family! I didn’t eat anything because Maxine just doesn’t let me eat how I want to, but it was great conversation with people who I love just like my own blood family. This really made me feel incredibly happy and loved. I really miss hanging out with my friends, PERIOD. Of course I was overjoyed that Carressa flew in from Texas!! I love her so much!



Carressa and I :)
Carressa and I :)



Mr Moore and I. His burrito belly, and my baby belly!



Carressa, me, Maxine, and Mrs Moore! I love how they made a heart over Max <3
Carressa, me, Maxine, and Mrs Moore! I love how they made a heart over Max <3



another one of the three of us
another one of the three of us



The only thing missing is a picture with her brother, Lance, BUT he was pulling the car around.



I can’t wait until the next time that I get to see Carressa and her family too!



I am so grateful that I finally got to go out and do something. The cabin fever was really setting in!