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Trust Me, I Know.

You know, people really seem to think I am completely ignorant to babies.


“Oh you wait, babies are no cakewalk”   “Beware! You will get to deal with explosive diarrhea!”




I am not ignorant to kids.

In the past decade, I have been pooped on, peed on, sneezed on, puked on (in the face among other things,) coughed on, snotted on, bit, scratched, punched, smacked, EVERYTHING. I’ve seen the most disgusting diapers in life. I’ve seen a kid poop out of their diaper up to their neck.

All this from kids who are NOT mine.

I know what to expect, and I know that there are things that no unwanted story will prepare me for.


The only thing more annoying to me than the people who think that I have no clue what babies even are, are the people who tell me how I should raise my unborn child!


People, I will do what I want, when I want.


If I need advice, I have two moms and two dads, aunts and uncles, plus a sister who have all raised kids who I can turn to.


Unless I ask for advice on anything else (such as what things were amazing for you that you swear by on your baby registry,) consider your advice UNSOLICITED.




I may not believe what you do.
I may not share the same views.
I may not care what you think about certain things.

One thing is for sure.

You will NOT treat me differently, or assume that I will not like something (like a movie or book, ) or tell me that I am any less of a person just because I don’t think the same as you.

That is the fastest way to lose me as a friend. I can’t deal with bullshit. I’ve dealt with is most of my life. From abusive relationships, to just flat out shitty friendships…I just can not have toxic people in my life.

Now, more than ever, I need to put my family and myself first.

That is exactly what I’m going to do.


Dear M of the future,

your dad and i love you very much and we don’t even know you yet.
we want everything in your life to be amazing.
we know that you will not want us around all the time,
but just know this:
we are doing everything we possibly can to make sure that when you grow up, you will make the best decisions possible.
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Me Today

I’m working on a paper on the British Invasion on music right now. EXCITING. seriously. I enjoy this music!!

Well anyway, a picture of me today!!

I think I look cute…from this angle anyway!!

I must say, it is so so so hard in this transition to being natural. I’m slowly figuring things out. The headbands that I have are my best friends right now for sure. I’m going to chop my hair off at the end of the summer I have decided. :D