I just can’t with people.

All the time I hear, “you rely on tips for your salary? You need a new job.”


I’m so sick of that and similar comments. At least I HAVE a job.


I know that being a waitress is not a glamorous job, and I know that being a waitress is not anyone’s first choice of job.

But at least I have one.


That is much more than many can say.


I bust my ass at work in order to make money. I have to work harder than most people I know. It’s not the cushy desk job that I want. That is what I am in college for. That’s right, I am actually in college. I’m not a high school dropout like most of the people suggest.  I’m working my way through college. I have bills that I pay.

People think servers make SO MUCH money. That is not always the case. If it is slow, we don’t make that much money. When it is busy, we still sometimes don’t make that much money. In this state servers make $2.13 an hour. Sometimes more but that is rare.


When someone doesn’t tip because they “don’t get tipped to do [their] job” all I can do it get angry. I mean it is a different field than theirs, I’m sure. It is not the same.


I work really hard to make sure your orders are correct, that your drinks are filled, that you have napkins, ketchup, hot sauce, whatever you need. Is it really that hard to just say “thank you” sometimes?

Also, you should tip for togo as well. I don’t see you back there bagging your own food.


Also, WE DON’T SPIT IN YOUR FOOD…even if you ARE a raging bitch. That movie “Waiting” is not real!


And really, if all waiters and waitresses got a new job like these arrogant assholes suggest, there would be no one to take care of you when you go out to eat.


I’m sorry this is so jumbled. Clearly something was bothering me and I had to get it off of my chest.



“Refusing to tip because you disagree with the “institution” of tipping, even though your server’s livelihood relies on it? How very principled of you. Way to stick it to the man.”


If Only!

I should have read this article before I took the job at the gym. I definitely wouldn’t have taken it! Five out of these seven describe it. Wow, this article definitely hits the nail on the head.

Seven Employer Danger Signs: When to Turn Down a Job Offer

By Charles Purdy, Monster Senior EditorAccording to the US Department of Labor, the average employed adult spends 7.5 hours a day on the job. Over time, that adds up to a significant chunk of your life, so (as many people know from experience) an unhappy work situation can make the rest of your life pretty miserable as well.
For that reason, you’ll want to avoid working for a miserable company. But how can you spot a bad company to work for? By
doing your research and looking for the following seven warning signs during the hiring process. Of course, one or two of these signs aren’t necessarily cause for alarm, but more than a couple should set off alarm bells.

A Decision

So before I left for my honeymoon, the schedule for the month of June at OneLife was finalized. I wrote down my schedule before I left so I would know what days I came in when I got back. I had morning shifts and night shifts for all but one day that I worked for the month. The other day I texted my boss (like she says to do for questions) and asked her what time the KidsClub opened because I had my first morning shift Thursday (today). She replied back, oh no, you only work the pm. Excuse me?!? That means that she took me off of the day shift and put her in my place for hours since she was the other person that wanted to work my shift. I heard that she did that but wow, she just took my shift. Today when I go in, I am going to check all of the shifts that I was scheduled in the “final” June schedule before I left against this apparently new schedule. If this is the case in more than today’s shift, I am clocking out and leaving. I don’t need that job anyway. I will just work more at CB again.

But seriously? What manager takes the shift of an employee just because they want the hours??


Today at work…

… one of my tables had a pancake missing (they got two instead of three.) The coworker of mine who ran the food out told the table that I rang the meal in wrong and then pulled me to the the table as I was walking by with a heavy tray of plates to tell me that I rang the meal in wrong.

She was like “Brittany you rang in the 2 pancake mama’s pancakes, not the three” I told her “This is rang in correctly, I will go get the other pancake.”

She’s been working there longer than me, shouldnt she know that the mama’s cakes comes with three pancakes and that the grandma’s and sp pancakes comes with 2?????? SHIT.

I was LIVID. BEYOND LIVID. I wanted to beat the living shit out of her.


1. who DOES that? do you really hate me that much? so much that you want to make sure that I get a $0 tip? I DO WORK ON TIPS BITCH YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT YOU ARE A SERVER AS WELL.

2. instead of telling a blatant LIE about me TO me in front of the table, how about doing the professional thing and letting the kitchen know they shorted the plate one pancake and take it out. Is it that hard? That’s what I did!!


I had to have the manager go out to try to smooth things over. He told the table that I did, in fact, ring the order in correctly and that the other server was out of line to say that.



I definitely HATE some of my coworkers…especially when they destroy my tip.



ESPECIALLY  that one bitch.