The 52 Project

The 52 Project || Year of Me: 10/52

So the past week started amazing then ended with me falling into in outrageously terrible depressive episode. I’ll be fine. It’s normal for me. I have plans to find a therapist, get new meds, and start back a new medicated journey. I’ve got big decisions to make with that. I’m ready though. Yay life with bipolar disorder.

But I did have a great week! It was AMAZING. I decided to dive head first into training for the 5K I plan to run in April. I ran a total of 9.7 miles this week!! Two of the days were from me walking/jogging a 5K on the treadmill. That’s 3.1 miles! At one time! I didn’t stop! I. DID. IT. I hope to be able to get in some runs this week after work. Friday morning after work, I walked a 5K and it wasn’t that bad. I thought I’d be very tired, but I wasn’t! I also joined a Facebook group for the local chapter of Black Girls Run. Hopefully I’ll find people to jog with that will help encourage me with this 5K training!

I don’t remember my goals from last week and I don’t want to look for them. My goals for this week are to go running at least twice for 3.1 miles each. That’s it! Easy week.

Let’s hope my brain wants to get normal soon.

Playtime, review

Playtime: Play & Co.

We ended February with a trip to a new local indoor play place! Play & Co. is in the beautiful Hidenwood neighborhood beside the Christopher Newport University campus in Newport News. Maxine and Minerva had a blast!

When we walked in, we were greeted by the co-owner, Matt, and he immediately made us feel welcome! He explained the pricing ($10 for an all day pass, $8 for the second kid if I’m remembering correctly) and he mentioned the coffee bar for $3…I couldn’t turn down helping myself to coffee for the entire time I was there! He also told me that there is free WiFi (YESSSSSS). Matt asked Maxine what her favorite toys were and he even showed her around! Awesome right?!

Play and co. had different areas for different toys. I was pleasantly surprised with how organized things are. All the bungalows are very pleasing to the eye and they clearly show what the different areas are. Maxine and Minerva enjoyed the toy dessert shop the most!

We can’t wait to go back to Play & Co! They have a full calendar on their website for the different theme days that they have. They also have it all written on the chalkboard in the cafe area as well. Bring your laptop, grab some coffee, and let the kids have fun playing at Play & Co!!


Check out Play & Co. on Facebook and Instagram!

The 52 Project

The 52 Project || Year of Me: 9/52

Sooooooo I ended up super sick after I made last week’s post. I woke up with no voice. Official diagnosis: laryngitis! I missed work Monday and went to work with no voice Tuesday which made work an observing instead of training night for me. I also observed half the night Saturday as well because of illness. Ughhhhh when will I catch a break! Other than that I’m doing pretty well. This afternoon I did my first workout in a week. I did the fat burn program on the treadmill to see what it was like. IT WAS HARD AND IT HURT SO GOOD. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna try that out tomorrow at the YMCA.

Goal update: I bought the multivitamin and that’s it. Goals for this week: go to the gym a few times and start couch to 5K program. Oh and sign up for the 5K that’s in April 🙌🏿.

The 52 Project

The 52 Project || Year of Me: 8/52

So it’s week 8 of the year of me, and since 8 is my favorite number I decided to post 2 pictures and…I’m gonna list 8 things. These will be things that I want to improve on as well as me switching up my goals some.

1: my private accountabrittany instagram is now public. I need to be true to myself and not worry about others. I need my journey to be public. I do not like having a private Instagram. This wellness instagram will still stay separate from my main instagram that’s associated with this blog.

2: i’m going to try my hardest to run a 5k in April. Running is something I haven’t done in years. I have plenty of time to train, and I know that I can do it if I believe in myself. I do believe in myself. I GOT THIS.

3: eating right is important for my body and I need to listen to her more. She’s telling me the foods that make her feel bad. She’s telling me that I need to eat in moderation. She’s telling me that I need to stop binge eating at home. She’s telling me to love her so that she can help me live a healthier life. So I’m gonna listen to her and I’m gonna get my shit together.

4: weight loss is not important to me, but my knees and my back need it. I’ve had bad knees for as long as I can remember. Even back when I was small, I dealt with chronic knee pain. Like 4th grade I remember crying in the nurses office about it. The pain has only gotten worse as I’ve gotten older and gaining weight did not help that one bit. By losing weight, I’ll be able to make my knee pain lessen. I’ll also be able to better tolerate my chronic back pain. These are things that I do not take prescription strength medication for because I am terrified of becoming dependent on it. I rarely even take over the counter medications for it. So yeah, gonna try weight loss to help deal with my pain. And I’m gonna track it. And I’m gonna unapologetically celebrate it.

5: i bought multivitamins. I’m gonna start taking one everyday. I didn’t even take a vitamin while pregnant because they made me barf more so yeah this is new for me.

6: i’m going to go to the gym more. I try to work out on my days off, but that’s a pretty inconsistent schedule. I’m off 2 days one week and 5 days the next week. Can you see why that’s a problem for me? That plus how sick I’ve been lately, I’ve been in the gym nowhere near as much as I realistically want to. I am going to start going to the gym after work some mornings. I’m going to try to go 3 or 4 days every week. Once I figure out a gym schedule that works for me, I’ll share it.

7: i’m going to meditate twice a day. Meditating every day before I go to sleep has been stellar. Adding in an extra session when I feel stressed has helped. I really need to meditate when I wake up every day too though. I think that I will have even fewer rough nights at work that way. The nature of my job is trying, and I’m sure I’ll benefit way more by meditating daily before work versus starting a session while I’m already a puddle of tears.

8: my skin will be moisturized. I will wash my face every single day. I’m going to pay attention to my legs and feet when moisturizing more often. I treat my skin so bad. I have been making sure to moisturize more often but I typically forget to moisturize my legs and feet because I keep them covered. I forget to moisturize my face because it already feels moisturized (though I know it’s just my face being oily). When my hands feel dry, I’m gonna put lotion on them. When my lips are chapped I’m gonna put on chapstick. I’m gonna drink more water.

My goals last week were to buy a multivitamin (check!) and to close my rings 4 times. I closed my rings 3.5 times!! The watch doesn’t always register my stands and when I am not wearing my watch, it doesn’t count my stands so even though I crushed my stand goal all week, it doesn’t count for my watch if I’m not wearing it. Goals for next week: take the damn vitamin every day and drink more water.

See y’all next week!

The 52 Project

The 52 Project || Year of Me: 7/52

So this wellness journey has been going swimmingly! I made an Instagram account to keep myself accountable and also so that I’ll be able to have some people cheer me on! The support of my friends means SO MUCH to me. I love that so many people care about my wellness just as much as I do. I did deal with the loss of a dear friend because they inserted themself in my journey and tried to make it about them. When I told them that they were acting out of line, they went F U L L F R A G I L E. They didn’t understand how they were centering themself in MY journey. They claimed that I was doing it because I didn’t like how THEIR body looked. They claimed that since I might lose weight, that I hate my body. All of that untrue so After trying to break it down for them while sick when I should have been resting, I decided to just throw in the towel. My journey is about me listening to my body and taking care of it the way that I need. Part of that is cutting people who don’t support me out of my life. Wellness doesn’t look the same for everyone. I LOVE that about my journey. There will never be another with an identical journey to mine.

I had no goals last week which was great because I ended up with the stomach bug that’s been going around. This week my goals are to find and buy a multivitamin that matches what I need and to close all three rings on my Apple Watch 4 times.

The 52 Project

The 52 Project || Year of Me: 6/52

I didn’t go to the Y three days last week but I did workout three days so ✅. I didn’t even attempt a meal plan ❌ because #lazy. I don’t feel like planning our dinners in advanced to help me out on my days off. No goals this week. This is my long work week so I’ll be working out just twice.