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Review: Babylonia BB Slen

Babylonia is a company I have reviewed for before. I tried out their BB Sling a little while back and I was so excited to try out their BB Slen in Champagne! This is a 100% cotton Fair Trade Project woven wrap and is great from birth to toddlerhood and beyond. I used a size 6 which is a base -2 for me and Maxine.


This wrap is the perfect neutral. You can dress it up or down. I loved the pattern! This wrap seemed to be pretty broken in when it arrived to me. It isn’t super soft, but it is not rough or scratchy either. It is medium-thin in hand. Champagne has just enough stretch to help get passes stick in place. The glide made passes easy to adjust and knots stayed in place pretty well.

I tried many different carries with this wrap–my favorite being a double hammock with candy cane chest belt. Maxine stayed in place once tied off and I could easily wear her for 30min without feeling any strain in my shoulders. I also wrapped my belly a few times with this wrap to help support my belly and hips. I’d recommend that to anyone pregnant. WRAP YOUR BELLY you won’t regret it! Front carries were ok with this wrap with a 30 lb toddler. I did a front wrap cross carry (fwcc) tied under bottom a couple of times but much preferred to do the semi-fwcc. Semi-fwcc was the most comfortable front carry with this wrap for us. I am guessing it was because of the spread shoulder though.

Babylonia definitely got it right with this wrap. Affordable and available in many colors and patterns. The BB Slen will appeal to so many! It is a great budget option and I recommend this to new wrappers up through experienced wrappers. This will be good for tiny babies up through toddlers.


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