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Review: Nunamoochie Retro Handwoven

Nunamoochie is a brand that I have reviewed before, and now they have a new line of handwoven wraps! Retro is the first of (hopefully) many handwoven wraps that they are releasing. This wrap is called retro because it reminded Nunamoochie’s owner of the black and white on old televisions.


Nunamoochie wraps come ready to wear. Retro was so soft right out of the package! It is a thin/medium weight 100% organic cotton wrap. This wrap was great for 31 inches and 23 pounds of toddler but Retro is perfect for new babies as well! It is molds so well to our bodies and that is important for me. At 28 inches wide, I was easily able to get a great seat without being too overwhelmed by width. My first carry was a front wrap cross carry and it was incredibly comfortable on my shoulders.


The next carry that I tried is a new favorite of mine, Charlie’s Cross Carry. This wrap basically wrapped itself. The chest pass was incredibly easy to make and it did not take a lot of adjusting to make it even and it makes an excellent flipped chest pass as well. I did a ruck tied Tibetan finished knotless which is one of my go-to carries. This was my favorite carry with Retro.


This wrap holds knots in place pretty well. A half knot is snug, but a double knot is ideal.  The slipknot I made needed a little adjusting after having Maxine up for a while.


This wrap is airy, incredibly soft, and the passes glide easily in place. There is some diagonal stretch, but nothing too crazy. I would recommend this wrap to anyone. It isn’t hard to break in at all and it basically wraps itself. This wrap is similar to the other Nunamoochie wraps in that it is soft, but it I can’t compare this to another handwoven. This is so much softer and more pleasant than the other few handwoven wraps that I have tried! This wraps true to size and it shines in a base size!


I can’t wait to see what other handwoven wraps Nunamoochie releases!

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The Benefits of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is something that is incredibly near and dear to my heart. I have nursed my daughter for almost 15 months and we have no plans on ending the relationship anytime soon. It is incredible, really. I have provided food for Maxine for over a year. ME! I made it! Sometimes I sit up at night and just think “Wow! The female body is amazing!” Breastfeeding Maxine has helped me slow down and take breaks. I was always busy before I had her. I always had to be doing something. That is only one of many reasons why breastfeeding is so beneficial for me, as well as for babies.

Nursing at ODU


There are many health benefits provided for mothers and babies. Breastfeeding helps mothers recover from childbirth more quickly and easily. Oxytocin is released during breastfeeding and that helps to make the uterus return to its original size quicker and reduces postpartum bleeding (American Academy of Pediatrics). My daughter’s pediatrician also told me that breastfeeding reduces the chance of getting breast and ovarian cancer later in life.  Breastfeeding also burns calories! There are some who admit to breastfeeding only to lose weight faster. That was a perk for me, but the main reason I chose to breastfeed is because it is free! It does not cost a dime to feed your baby straight from the tap. Breast milk provides ideal nutrition for infants and up through childhood. It contains the perfect balance of fat, vitamins, and protein and that is exactly what baby needs to grow (WebMD). Breast milk is free from chemicals as well (Alison Daly). Breast milk also contains antibodies to help your child battle viruses and bacteria. It is great to continue breastfeeding your child while you are sick. I had a terrible cold a few weeks ago where all I could do was sleep, but Maxine continued to nurse the entire time and only got a sniffle! That is the power of breast milk! According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, breastfeeding also plays a role in the prevention of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Breastfed infants are also less likely to be overweight according to the AAP as well.

The first six months.
The first six months.

The most important benefit of breastfeeding for me has been the bond it created. Knowing that Maxine needs me makes me feel complete. There have been countless smiles and giggles during nursing sessions. I swear that I suffered from less postpartum depression thanks to the relaxation that breastfeeding allows me to have. I know that one day the nursing relationship that I have with Maxine will end, but for now, I will continue to cherish every single moment.





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The Breastfeeding Conflict

Breastfeeding has been in the news a lot lately.
People are floored that a strong woman fed her baby at her graduation.
People are angry that a restaurant employee told a woman to cover up and stood beside her until she finished feeding her child.
Facebook changed their breastfeeding policy to support breastfeeding mothers.

People are shocked that women use their breasts for *gasp* feeding their babies! The nerve! Don’t you know that breasts are funbags for men?!

Psh. Screw that.

Breasts are first and foremost for nourishing children. Not just babies. How long someone feeds their child is not your business. Really…that’s all breasts are for.

What bothers me most from the entire breastfeeding discussion is the shaming between breastfeeding mothers.

Look: you can cover up all you want, but do NOT shame a fellow mom for not covering up.

It’s hot. Some babies (like my own) hate to be covered up and I don’t blame them. I don’t want to eat with something covering me up.
I’m so sick of reading crap like “breastfeeding is wonderful,  but be modest” “show some self-respect” “I don’t want my husband staring at your bare breast” “what do I tell my kid? ” blah blah BLAH.
No one will be 100% pleased with everything ever. Tell your kid that the child is eating. Your dudebro wants to stare at a cute baby eating? OK whatever.

It all boils down to this: If you want to cover up while breastfeeding, be my guest. If you don’t want to cover up, then don’t. Who CARES if you’re covered or not. You are giving your baby what they need! Nourishment.

Support each other. Support all women! Stop this stupid conflict.  Why alienate another?

Normalize breastfeeding Normalize Society! Breastfeeding is already normal.

Yes, that's my baby nursing in our sling.
Maxine, The 52 Project

The 52 Project || 12/52


My beautiful baby! You will be six months old on Tuesday. That is SIX MONTHS of breastfeeding! We have battled random clogs and other small obstacles, but here we are STILL GOING STRONG! I love being able to provide for you and I love even more that we have an unbreakable bond thanks to breastfeeding.  Here’s to six more months and more of breastfeeding! I love you Maxine.

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There’s Always Someone…

Since I’ve given birth, my life has revolved around being a mom. I’m with my child almost every second of every day. My days consist of breastfeeding, babywearing, and doing homework. That’s it. It’s all I think about. It makes sense that the things I share on various social media websites will reflect my life, right?

I post about breastfeeding.
I post about babywearing.
I post about attachment parenting.
I post about school.
I post about everything I believe in.
I post about everything I don’t believe in.
I post about my entire life!

Yesterday was no different. I shared the status of one of the moms that I admire very much. It was great information so of course I shared it!


I love that! Breast milk is amazing! The post got a few likes, but then I got an odd and unnecessary comment that had nothing to do with the post.


To be honest, the comment angered me. I constantly see things I don’t want to see on facebook. I simply hide the posts or just disregard them. I don’t go to the posts and say, “Well you know, you post too much about this. Stop it.” The post had nothing to do with breastfeeding in public. The only hatred I have received in MONTHS is that comment right there. Of course I thought about it and I gave the person a simple and polite response.


After this, many of my incredible friends expressed their support for me and explained to the person how easy it was to hide updates that they didn’t want to see. They also expressed how much they appreciated my posts on breastfeeding because they learn so much. The person said a few other things, but then said something that threw me off.


Why would anyone go to an acquaintance to complain about me rather than speaking to my husband or myself first? It makes absolutely zero sense. No one tried to make the person out to be a villain, but people did tell said person how they felt about them making an unnecessary comment on an unrelated post.

Luckily the person deleted me after I asked the person why anyone would go to them about me. It’s possible that the person was just trying to justify their rude comment. I am happy that the person is off of my Facebook friends list. I am also absolutely elated to know  that I have so many friends that do appreciate my posts and care about the many different aspects of my life.

I don’t plan on changing my posting habits. If there is a problem, I extend the same invitation to you as I did the person in this post; just unfollow me. My Facebook and Instagram both reflect my life perfectly.