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Review: Nunamoochie

 These past few weeks, I have had the pleasure of testing out a wrap called “Year of the Horse” by Nunamoochie. I had never heard of this company before, but when Kiwi Baby Shop approached me about trying out the wrap, I couldn’t turn the opportunity down! I love trying out new wraps. This Year of the Horse design is based on the Chinese Zodiac and incorporates the phases of the moon. The colors are green, black, and purple.


When I first opened the wrap, I was surprised by how soft it was. I immediately wanted to snuggle up with the wrap and sleep on it. It is 100% organic cotton and a medium weight. It is great for new babies and feels like it will be great through toddler years. I loved that the wrap came washed and pressed. I quickly put Maxine up in a double hammock.


 Maxine is 22lbs and felt like a feather in this wrap. I immediately thought “Wow, this will be a great shorty!” Maxine fell asleep within being up for five minutes. I guess she thought it was super soft too.


I have a bad back and shoulder so it is important to me that the wrap feels supportive without digging in a front wrap cross carry and double hammock (my go-to carries). This wrap passed the test! It holds a knot and ring well and there is no constant adjusting once the carry is finished. It is not a super stretchy wrap. It glides easily and the passes stay where you put them. It feels the same thickness as Didymos Sun Tendrils, but way softer since of course, it’s not a hemp blend like that. It wraps very similar to Girasol Cosmic Rainbow.

Year of the Horse will be easy to break in. Just after two washes, it was super soft. I would not recommend this to new wrappers because it may be difficult to get the wrap sufficiently tightened. If you like wraps that are not too thick and super cushy on the shoulders, then this will be a great choice for you!


My husband said that is looked cool and that is HUGE because he doesn’t like any of my wraps. It still didn’t get him to wrap though! Each wrap comes with a key chain made from scraps. I enjoyed Year of the Horse so much, that I checked out what other wraps Nunamoochie had in stock and bought my own! Elephant Ears comes in such a fun pattern!


I was right, Nunamoochie 100% organic cotton is perfect for a shorty.