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Review: Kush Textiles Duchess

Kush Textiles is a new handwoven wrap company that strives to be a premier provider of ethically sourced, quality handwoven baby wraps. Kush Textiles baby wraps are handwoven by a group of artisan weavers in Guatemala. They are a fair trade company and a portion of the sales go to fund community development efforts! They are seriously an amazing company.



I was very happy to try out Duchess for a few weeks. Duchess is a broken twill weave handwoven wrap. It is heavy in hand and is a blankety thick wrap. It makes for a comfortable ruck! If I owned this, it would be my go-to ruck wrap. I had a hard time tightening the chest pass in a double hammock rebozo, but that was my own fault for hurting my wrist earlier that week. It reminded me a lot of Pavo Klee when I was wrapping with it because it was just that thick and blankety. Maxine was weightless in it!



I used the wrap everywhere I went for the time that I had it. Maxine took quite a few naps in it. This was a dense wrap and I feel that it would be great to use daily in the winter especially because it is nice and snuggly warm. The slipknot was BIG. The knot stayed in place no matter what though! Once tied off, that was it. Same with the double knot. I did not have to keep adjusting the knot to make it stay in place.

I recommend this wrap to more experienced wearers because of the thickness. It is soft enough to be used from infant and up, but will be best as a toddler wrap!

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Review: Nunamoochie Anya

Remember that awesome budget handwoven from Nunamoochie that I reviewed back in February? Today I have the more colorful sister to that wrap!


Nunamoochie Anya is a 100% cotton handwoven wrap that is thin and beautifully lightweight. The colors are remiscent of a “tequila sunrise” and it is the first wrap to feature the color pink for them. It is named Anya in honor of Colleen and Tanni’s  (the owners)  first baby girl.


I am going to compare this wrap to Retro quite a bit because the two are so similar, but so different! Maxine is now 28 pounds and around 33 inches tall so she is only 5 pounds heavier than when Retro came to Chesapeake. Like Retro, this wrap molds so well to our bodies!

The front wrap cross carry (FWCC) is so comfortable! Though thinner than Retro, Anya was comfortable on my shoulders with a toddler. It is incredibly soft. This was my favorite carry with Anya. The next carry I tried was a ruck finished knotless. This wrap is great for a ruck because it is nice and wide.

FullSizeRender (1)

Another carry I tried was the Half-FWCC because I needed to see a slipknot with this wrap. I think the plus of a thinner wrap is that the slipknot is very manageable. It stayed in place once tightened. The slipknot in in Retro was not as solid as with Anya in my experience.



Anya ROCKED a torso carry so well! Double hammock torso  was so comfortable and thanks to the width of Anya, it felt even more secure. I also did Jasmine’s tandem carry for fun. Owen  and Maxine loved it. Sixty pounds of kid only stayed up for about 15 minutes total because HEAVY but I feel like this would be an awesome wrap for tandem wearing lighter babies.



Just like Retro, Anya is airy, soft, and so easy to wrap with. This wrap will be great for beginners and experienced wrappers alike. It requires next to no breaking in. This wraps true to size and it shines in a base size with toddlers! I bet it would be comfortable in a shorty for smaller babies.


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Review: Tanuki Textiles Trane’s Blues


Recently I got the chance to test out a beautiful handwoven wrap by Tanuki Textiles. Trane’s Blues is inspired by John Coltrane’s “Blue Train.” Trane’s Blues is different shades of blue with golden threads woven through. This wrap was instant lust at first wrap.   


Trane’s Blues was easy to wrap with for me. It was very broken in so that helped a lot. I was easily able to strand by strand tighten carries. There was a perfect grip to glide ratio. The wrap was flat but so comfortable on my shoulders. Making a chest pass with this medium weight wrap was pretty easy to do as well. Once wrapped, my 25 pound toddler was absolutely weightless.

I did mostly back carries with this wrap, but it was great in front carries too. It was wide enough to keep all 32 inches of Maxine snug. Future wraps from Tanuki Textiles won’t be as wide. I think this wrap shines in a double hammock.   


I could see this wrap being great in warm weather. It was airy and a medium weight in hand. This wrap will be great for experienced wearers! If you like supportive airy wraps with little stretch, this is the wrap for you! 

I can’t wait to see what’s next!