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Review: Oscha Roses Atlanta

Oscha Slings is a company that I have not tried much. I have only tried two or three others besides this one and each time it was a different blend. This time is no different. Oscha Roses Atlanta is a blend of 47% Ice Cotton, 37% Organic Cotton, and 16% Organic Linen. I’d never heard of ice cotton until this wrap was previewed in July so I was very interested in trying it.

Atlanta Roses is a thin wrap and was very easy to wrap with. It was so thin that I was able to tie off a front wrap cross carry in a base -2! I was pretty impressed. The ice cotton made the wrap feel cooler and since there is linen also, I feel that this is the ultimate summer wrap. As I’ve been using the wrap it has been breaking in quite nicely. I mostly have been using it with Minerva (8 weeks, approx 8 lbs) in front carries. We mostly front wrap cross carry (fwcc), but we have also been doing FWCC torso carry.

Atlanta Roses has been super comfortable on my shoulders. It is flat and not cushy in my opinion. The wrap glided easily and has just enough grip to make sure everything stays in place.

One special thing I appreciated about this wrap was its writing along the side to commemorate the 2016 International Babywearing Conference in Atlanta, which is why the wrap is called Atlanta Roses. That is a wonderful touch.

Roses was comfortable even with my 34 pound toddler. Maxine was very comfortable in a multilayer back carry. We did a lot of double hammock with her.  I found it surprisingly supportive and I would not hesitate to have her wrapped for very long periods of time.

I feel that Atlanta Roses would be a great wrap for all babywearers. This wrap is also good for infants, and for toddlers too in multilayer carries. If you get a chance to try this wrap, I highly recommend it!!

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babywearing, review

Review: Natibaby Zinnia (yellow)

Every once in a while, I review a wrap that I ask to keep a little longer. Natibaby Zinnia from Marsupial Mamas was one of those wraps. After I spent a few weeks using this wrap with Maxine, I knew that I needed it to stick around until after I had Minerva.

This wrap was a base -4 for me which is my favorite shorty size. Zinnia is a 75% cotton 25% hemp wrap. The weave is beautiful, but makes the wrap pretty pull prone. This was the softest Natibaby that I have ever tried. With my 33 lb toddler, this wrap was comfortable.

I loved it in my go-to ruck tied under bum. After a little while it sagged some though but that is expected with a wrap with nice stretch and a 33 lb kid. With multilayer carries it was less saggy so for the most part, I stuck to short back cross carry and shepherds carry with Maxine in this.

When Minerva arrived, I pretty much wrapped her in Zinnia every single day once we got home. It was newborn perfection. Soft and smooshy while still breathable enough to go on walks outside in a disgustingly hot Virginia July.

This was pretty much the softest wrap I’ve ever tried. It reminded me slightly of the softness of tencel, but it was way softer than tencel blends. I think this wrap would be great for all wearers who don’t mind a pull prone weave. This is excellent with infants and can be comfortably used with toddlers as well especially in a multilayer carry.

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babywearing, review

Review: Babylonia Bei Dai (BB Tai)

Babylonia Bei Dai (“BB Tai!”) So we all know that I really enjoy Babylonia. I’ve reviewed the BB Sling AND the BB Slen before. Now thanks to Marsupial Mamas, I got to try the bei dai FINALLY!!  I did not get to use the infant insert that comes with it, but now they have a nifty new way to cinch the panel (Jan 2017).  Right now, I will tell you about using the Pineapple bei dai with a 30 lbs 3 ft tall toddler.

Brittany and Maxine taking a mirror selfie while out shopping at Walmart. Maxine is on Brittany’s back in the bei dai. There are shoes in the background.

So, I am 5’5, 250 lbs, and 29 weeks pregnant. I could tie this bei dai off in the back with a front carry AND I could finish it off tied Tibetan. This is a HUGE DEAL. I come across so many carriers that I can’t even buckle or tie off because they are too small and this bei dai just made me feel like it was made for me. Over the three weeks we had it with us, we used it a lot.

I mean, look at that fit! Maxine is THREE FEET TALL and it fits her this well! She was so comfy in here. Brittany with Maxine in a front carry facing the camera. Maxine is centered in the carrier and Brittany is holding one of her feet. There are green trees in the background.

This carrier is made from Babylonia BB Slen fabric. The panel is Pineapple and the straps are Black Beans. There is not any padding, but it is pretty comfortable because of the wrap straps that are able to be spread. We did mostly back carries with the bei dai because front carries are not as comfortable right now with my bump in the way.  The front carries we did do though? Very nice. I know that without my bump it would be very comfortable because the carrier sits where I normally like it. Back carries were a dream! We back carried in the Babyloni Bei Dai daily.

Brittany and Maxine taking a selfie on a bright day. The sky is blue and Maxine is looking off into the distance. Brittany is looking at the camera.

  I think this carrier would be great for all babywearers and from little babies up through toddlerhood! The infant insert makes it useful for small babies. It looks pretty neat! If you love bei dais, you will DEFINITELY love this! It’s more comfortable than the Fidella Bei Dai (“flytai”)  in my opinion.

Brittany and Maxine taking a selfie. Maxine is on Brittany’s front in a multi-colored bei dai. Maxine is looking past the camera and Brittany is smiling into the camera.

You can purchase the BB Tai here.

A very tired Maxine is on Brittany’s front in a multi-colored bei dai. Brittany is looking into the camera and Maxine is looking past the camera. There are green trees in the background.

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