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Review: Kokoska KokoSplash Classsic and Deluxe Water Slings

Recently I got to try out two Kokoskaa KokoSplash water slings! The Classic and Deluxe are both mesh water slings. They can be used with babies from 8 pounds to 35 pounds and the Classic can be used up to 40 pounds!

Brittany and Maxine are both looking past the camera in this picture. Maxine is in a blue and pink mesh water ring sling with pink metal rings.

The KokoSplash Classic is a solid water sling that is great through toddlerhood. This sturdy mesh is perfect for wearing in and out of the water. It has plenty of texture and the rings do not budge once locked in place. My daughter is 30 pounds and she definitely did not feel that heavy while up in the sling. While in the water, the aluminum rings did not slip one bit. The mesh dries relatively quickly as well.

Brittany and Maxine are taking a mirror selfie. Brittany is wearing Max in a blue and white water ring sling. Maxine is looking into the mirror and Brittany is looking at the purple phone in her hand.

The KokoSplash Deluxe is a softer, more luxurious mesh than the Classic. This sling is comfier on my shoulder than the Classic and is best for smaller kiddos. This mesh would be perfectly smooshy soft for a tiny baby! With a heavier kiddo, there was a tiny bit of slippage in the rings while trying to adjust the sling while dry, but as long as you are properly tightening, that should be no issue.  The aluminum rings worked excellently while wet! The rings did not budge. This mesh dries relatively fast too.

I would recommend these water slings to everyone! Especially if you enjoy the beach or pool. Showers are made super easy with these water slings too!

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babywearing, review

Review: Kokoskaa Hope (Black Weft)

 Kokoskaa’s budget wrap line has blown me away again. First with Brave, and now with Brave’s little sister Hope.

Hope is a gradient rainbow wrap. Kokoskaa offers it in white and black weft and I have enjoyed using the black weft for about five weeks now. This has been one of my go to wraps while it has been here and thanks to the fun colors, Maxine (30ish lbs, 2T/3T Clothing) has been picking this one for uppies all the time.

When I received the wrap, it had been washed once and I immediately noticed the difference between this and Brave. Hope is thinner, softer, and easier to manipulate than Brave. The first carry I did was a ruck. The first picture in this post was actually the first time I wore the wrap and I was so pleased! The wrap feels flat on the shoulders with no cush, but it was still comfortable. I enjoy flat wraps, especially when they are not diggy and Hope is not diggy at all. I also did about a dozen semi front wrap cross carries with this wrap. Since the wrap I tested was a base -2 for me, I had to do my favorite carry! It pleated so nicely on my shoulder. It held the slipknot like a rock star as well.

There is little stretch to this wrap and basically zero bounce. It glides very easily and there is not much texture to it. Very smooth. In a double hammock, the chest pass basically spread itself which seems to be the case with all of the Kokoskaa wraps I have tried. What magic is that?!  Even wrapping over a jacket was pretty easy with Hope.


 Hope would be great for wrappers of all skill levels and would be suitable for newborn up through toddlers. If you like thinner (but not too thin), solid, and easy to break in wraps, this wrap is for you!

The Kokoskaa budget line is all under $99. 

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Review: Kokoskaa Secese Orion

A few weeks ago, I got to try out this beautiful natty! Kokoskaa Secese Orion is a 100% cotton marshmallow. I love natty wraps so I was immediately drawn to the color…or lack thereof. The design of the wrap gave it great texture and helped make it stay in place once wrapped. It also made the knots look amazing (and stay in place too)!

11025153_2084097948397585_4240385795880321553_nThe chest pass was incredibly easy to make. Secese glided into place with ease and the stretch helped make wrapping a 25 pound toddler even easier and the bounce helped make her weightless once I had her all wrapped up. Even in a ruck, the shoulders didn’t dig for me one bit. The wrap feels like a medium weight and I feel like it would be very nice in warm weather.

11071148_2086355354838511_7729031114277259814_nThis wrap will be great for toddlers. My favorite carry with this wrap was double hammock tied under bum. The knot was incredibly secure. If you like cushy toddlerworthy wraps with excellent stretch, this is the wrap for you! Hopefully I’ll be able to get my hands on one of these.

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Review: Kokoskaa Royal Quill Maple



Recently, I got the chance to try out one of the new Tencel® blend wraps from Kokoskaa! Royal Quill Maple is 55% cotton and 45% Tencel® and is from their budget line. I really like the Royal Quill pattern and have tried a couple of the 100% cotton ones before, but this was my first time trying Tencel®. I’m impressed!


When I received the wrap, it felt smooth in hand and almost shined. It is a medium weight wrap. I was afraid that it would be a wrap that kept Max and I sweating but it was very breathable! Another plus is that there were zero wrinkles to deal with. The first carry I did was a short double hammock. At 28 inches, it was easy to get a good seat for all 31 inches and 23 pounds Maxine. The wrap was cushy on my shoulders and only felt better when I spread the shoulders. RQ Maple has a good amount of stretch and it glided pretty easily. 015

I also did a front wrap cross carry tied under bum. I think this shines in front carries. I think so because it has just enough stretch where if she leaned back, the wrap would go right back into place when she snuggled in. Royal Quill makes a nice slipknot! When I did a double hammock rebozo carry, the knot stayed in place. It adjusted easily too.

Royal Quill Maple has such a beautiful pattern. I love this chest pass.

I feel that this wrap would be best in a mid-length. I would recommend this wrap to wrappers who already know a few carries. Royal Quill Maple would be awesome for toddlers but it is so comfortable, I think it would be good for younger babies (not newborn). If you like cushy, breathable, mid-weight wraps with glide, this is a great wrap for you!

When did Maxine get so big!??! Gotta love an arms-out kiddo!

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