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Review: Kush Textiles Duchess

Kush Textiles is a new handwoven wrap company that strives to be a premier provider of ethically sourced, quality handwoven baby wraps. Kush Textiles baby wraps are handwoven by a group of artisan weavers in Guatemala. They are a fair trade company and a portion of the sales go to fund community development efforts! They are seriously an amazing company.



I was very happy to try out Duchess for a few weeks. Duchess is a broken twill weave handwoven wrap. It is heavy in hand and is a blankety thick wrap. It makes for a comfortable ruck! If I owned this, it would be my go-to ruck wrap. I had a hard time tightening the chest pass in a double hammock rebozo, but that was my own fault for hurting my wrist earlier that week. It reminded me a lot of Pavo Klee when I was wrapping with it because it was just that thick and blankety. Maxine was weightless in it!



I used the wrap everywhere I went for the time that I had it. Maxine took quite a few naps in it. This was a dense wrap and I feel that it would be great to use daily in the winter especially because it is nice and snuggly warm. The slipknot was BIG. The knot stayed in place no matter what though! Once tied off, that was it. Same with the double knot. I did not have to keep adjusting the knot to make it stay in place.

I recommend this wrap to more experienced wearers because of the thickness. It is soft enough to be used from infant and up, but will be best as a toddler wrap!

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