A Relaxing Weekend

This weekend, I went out of town with my family.

It was the perfect getaway! I relaxed outside, I played pool (very badly) with my dad, I visited the next county, and there were so many breathtaking views!! My family is the best, and I have no idea what I would do without them.

I can’t wait to visit next year with my husband (if he agrees) and baby in tow!









I had an amazing time. Every single amount of stress was lifted off my shoulders. I wish I was still there!




*All photographs are taken by me with a Motorola Droid RAZR M*



I feel like lately, I have really been isolated from people.


I mean, I hang out with my best friend…but that’s about it.



I’ve been so sick lately that all I can do is stay home, but since no one ever really comes here it’s just isolating. I don’t have the energy to go out. I don’t have the energy to drive.  I just don’t…anything.


This isolation has only made my depression increase. I wish I could be holding my baby now…at least feel it kick.


I really do miss being happy. I can’t remember the last time that I was genuinely happy without the slightest twinge of depression. I’m pretty sure I was a child.



It’s not as easy as just snapping out of it.



I know things will work out for me eventually. I know things will get better eventually.



I just wish this isolation was less suffocating.





Endometriosis sucks.

Fibromyalgia sucks.

Bipolar Disorder sucks

Fibro and Endo BOTH  make me feel so sick all of the time.  They make me feel constant pain. Usually I can just smile through the illness and pain, but today I just feel  like crying about it. I could not stay at work today because my stomach is upset from them. I can’t eat what I want. I have yet to find the perfect combination of foods to eat that will prevent my gastroenterological issues.  This just makes me sadder than I already am. More depressed. More angry. More emotional.

Why can’t this be easier?

Why can’t there be a cure for  these issues?




Why me?



Chronic and mental illnesses really fucking suck.