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Me Today

I’m working on a paper on the British Invasion on music right now. EXCITING. seriously. I enjoy this music!!

Well anyway, a picture of me today!!

I think I look cute…from this angle anyway!!

I must say, it is so so so hard in this transition to being natural. I’m slowly figuring things out. The headbands that I have are my best friends right now for sure. I’m going to chop my hair off at the end of the summer I have decided. :D

Hair, words



I got my hair done today!

I loathe, despise, tolerate going to the shop to get my hair done. It’s small, cramped, and so much gossip! I love Ms Carol but I wish she had her own shop.

I’m in the process of going natural. Its been 6 months since my last relaxer. This process is going to be long and irritating at times. I think I will look great with a fro. LOL

Wish me luck!