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Review: Ah-Dee-Eh-Dee Cloth Diaper

Woah hey! This is my first cloth diaper review. As much as I’ve talked about cloth diapers over on Instagram, I recently realized that I’ve never written a cloth diaper review!

Over the summer, Ah Dee Eh Dee sent me a really cute all-in-one (AIO) diaper to try out with Minerva. I got it prepped right away and this diaper is now a staple in our diaper arsenal. The diaper has stay-dry Alova Suedecloth and the layers are 40% hemp, 30% bamboo, and 30% organic cotton. The diaper fits kids approximately 15-48 pounds. I did let Maxine wear it a couple times to see if it fit her (38ish lbs) and it does fit her!

We tried out the diaper for daytime use first. The diaper had no leaks and held in the destruction that Min decided to do to the diaper (hahaha!) I was shocked that it didn’t come out the diaper because it was a ton of crap. Color me impressed!!

The next time that we used the diaper, it was overnight. Minerva nursed the entire night it seemed and she peed a ton so there was a little leakage and her jammies were damp. The next time we used it overnight, I added a bamboo insert under the layers in the diaper and she did the nurse all night thing again (ugh) and woke up with no leaks! Her jammies weren’t damp at all.

   This diaper has rises on the front to fit many different sized kids. It even was forgiving with Min’s constant pulling the front of her diaper down. She does that with everything!  I look forward to adding more Ah Dee Eh Dee to my collection.

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On the left is the first time I wore Maxine (2ish weeks old.) On the right is the first time I wore Minerva (5 hours old.)

The single most important part of my parenting journey is babywearing. Period. I mean of course there are other important things like feeding the baby, taking your vitamins (like these Honest vitamins,) and making sure you get to eat, but babywearing is one part of my parenting journey I can’t sing the praises of enough.

Thanks to babywearing, I’ve felt more confident in my parenting journey. I know that my children feel safe with me. I know that I can comfort them at a moment’s notice. I know that my relationship with them is getting stronger everyday. When the world is too overwhelming, I know that I can comfort them while they comfort me. 

What is the most important part of your parenting journey?

This moment in motherhood inspired by the Honest Company‘s honest moments video series.

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I love it so much!

Cotton, hemp, wool, silk…I don’t think I have a favorite blend.

There are so many brands to try and each have their pros and cons.

I can’t even choose a favorite even if I were forced to!

What I like best is that I don’t have to choose.

Didymos, Tekhni, Pavo, Cari Slings….I could list brands I enjoy all day.

Each wrap that I’ve used means something different to me.

Each wrap has its own story.

Each wrap has its place in my heart.

I’m nowhere near done wrapping yet.

I’ve got so many more wraps to try before my wrapping days are done.

Maxine and I are growing closer and closer everyday thanks to wrapping.

I can’t wait to show her how to wrap her own babies in the future.



It’s Irritating Really



I’m trying to figure out why doing this for your child is a bad thing?

Why are parents so critical of each other?

So what they did that. First child syndrome? Nope, it’s called parenting their own way. If they have a second child, they will probably do the same thing because that is how they parent.

I guess people will tell me that I have First Child Syndrome too when I have my kid and do things my way.

Now don’t get me wrong, Baby Sideburns is hilarious!! But this just struck a nerve this morning.