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Review: Babylonia Bei Dai (BB Tai)

Babylonia Bei Dai (“BB Tai!”) So we all know that I really enjoy Babylonia. I’ve reviewed the BB Sling AND the BB Slen before. Now thanks to Marsupial Mamas, I got to try the bei dai FINALLY!!  I did not get to use the infant insert that comes with it, but now they have a nifty new way to cinch the panel (Jan 2017).  Right now, I will tell you about using the Pineapple bei dai with a 30 lbs 3 ft tall toddler.

Brittany and Maxine taking a mirror selfie while out shopping at Walmart. Maxine is on Brittany’s back in the bei dai. There are shoes in the background.

So, I am 5’5, 250 lbs, and 29 weeks pregnant. I could tie this bei dai off in the back with a front carry AND I could finish it off tied Tibetan. This is a HUGE DEAL. I come across so many carriers that I can’t even buckle or tie off because they are too small and this bei dai just made me feel like it was made for me. Over the three weeks we had it with us, we used it a lot.

I mean, look at that fit! Maxine is THREE FEET TALL and it fits her this well! She was so comfy in here. Brittany with Maxine in a front carry facing the camera. Maxine is centered in the carrier and Brittany is holding one of her feet. There are green trees in the background.

This carrier is made from Babylonia BB Slen fabric. The panel is Pineapple and the straps are Black Beans. There is not any padding, but it is pretty comfortable because of the wrap straps that are able to be spread. We did mostly back carries with the bei dai because front carries are not as comfortable right now with my bump in the way.  The front carries we did do though? Very nice. I know that without my bump it would be very comfortable because the carrier sits where I normally like it. Back carries were a dream! We back carried in the Babyloni Bei Dai daily.

Brittany and Maxine taking a selfie on a bright day. The sky is blue and Maxine is looking off into the distance. Brittany is looking at the camera.

  I think this carrier would be great for all babywearers and from little babies up through toddlerhood! The infant insert makes it useful for small babies. It looks pretty neat! If you love bei dais, you will DEFINITELY love this! It’s more comfortable than the Fidella Bei Dai (“flytai”)  in my opinion.

Brittany and Maxine taking a selfie. Maxine is on Brittany’s front in a multi-colored bei dai. Maxine is looking past the camera and Brittany is smiling into the camera.

You can purchase the BB Tai here.

A very tired Maxine is on Brittany’s front in a multi-colored bei dai. Brittany is looking into the camera and Maxine is looking past the camera. There are green trees in the background.

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Review: Apple Blossom Wovens

So a little while back, I learned about Apple Blossom Wovens through a discussion on longer wraps for plus sized wearers. Shortly following the discussion, Lisa (owner) and I chatted and let me know that they would be offering size 8 wraps which is my base size! I was absolutely THRILLED! She mentioned that she had a size 7 linen sample floating around and that I could try it if I wanted. Of course I said yes. It is rare that a company sends out a size 7 sample for review. When the linen blend Evening Flame sample arrived I was absolutely floored by how SOFT it was. I have never felt a linen blend that was this soft. I actually had to check again to make sure the wrap was machine woven because it reminded me of a handwoven!

I quickly put Maxine (3ft, 30lbs) in a double hammock tied at the shoulder. It was basically like clouds on my shoulders. The wrap molded to us well. The wrap was grippier than expected which was great since I like to do sloppy wrap jobs and this definitely held everything in place. The slipknot did not budge for me once I tightened it in place.

Evening Flame linen was stretchy but supportive with Max. I enjoyed single layer front carries with her. Front Wrap Cross Carry was a favorite for her and me. She constantly asked for front uppies in this one while it visited. I really enjoyed the stretch in the wrap because I could eek out a front wrap cross carry in this base -1 size wrap.


This wrap would be great for new and experienced wrappers. It is awesome for toddlers and I bet would be good with smaller babies as well. It is just a little wide for little babies.

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Review: Babylonia BB Slen

Babylonia is a company I have reviewed for before. I tried out their BB Sling a little while back and I was so excited to try out their BB Slen in Champagne! This is a 100% cotton Fair Trade Project woven wrap and is great from birth to toddlerhood and beyond. I used a size 6 which is a base -2 for me and Maxine.


This wrap is the perfect neutral. You can dress it up or down. I loved the pattern! This wrap seemed to be pretty broken in when it arrived to me. It isn’t super soft, but it is not rough or scratchy either. It is medium-thin in hand. Champagne has just enough stretch to help get passes stick in place. The glide made passes easy to adjust and knots stayed in place pretty well.

I tried many different carries with this wrap–my favorite being a double hammock with candy cane chest belt. Maxine stayed in place once tied off and I could easily wear her for 30min without feeling any strain in my shoulders. I also wrapped my belly a few times with this wrap to help support my belly and hips. I’d recommend that to anyone pregnant. WRAP YOUR BELLY you won’t regret it! Front carries were ok with this wrap with a 30 lb toddler. I did a front wrap cross carry (fwcc) tied under bottom a couple of times but much preferred to do the semi-fwcc. Semi-fwcc was the most comfortable front carry with this wrap for us. I am guessing it was because of the spread shoulder though.

Babylonia definitely got it right with this wrap. Affordable and available in many colors and patterns. The BB Slen will appeal to so many! It is a great budget option and I recommend this to new wrappers up through experienced wrappers. This will be good for tiny babies up through toddlers.


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Everyone does the “I’m Thankful” posts this time of year. I’m joining in this time! These eleven things that I am thankful for are in no particular order.


1. I’m thankful to be able to breastfeed this beautiful baby, especially since some people can not breastfeed. I cherish the journey so much.


2. I’m thankful to have such a cute and cuddly baby who loves to be worn. It makes things more peaceful for the both of us.


3. I’m thankful for being a mom. It can be hard at times, but I can honestly say that I have never been happier in my life.


4. I’m thankful for that warm day in September when I got to meet my wonderful daughter, Maxine Elisabeth. You changed my life!


5. I’m thankful for the Green Bay Packers! Football makes me happy and so does my team. GO PACK GO!!


6. I’m thankful for being able to have been pregnant. I hated being sick all the time, but I am very happy that I got to do it. I’m happy with the outcome. I’m happy that I didn’t gain a single pound the entire time.


7. I’m thankful for my best friend Sarah. I have had a long year and she has helped make it easier for me. Even though she lives a couple hours away, I can always count on her. We’ve been friends for about 17 years now and I wouldn’t change a thing.


 8. I’m thankful for this smile. It always brightens my day.


9. I’m thankful for Carressa! She has been there for me through so much since she moved to Smithfield and ran into the boys bathroom. I love my roast beef and her entire family. They treat me like family and I’m thankful for that too.

46439_816528394014_1239187228_n10. I’m thankful to have been able to graduate from college!  I’m also thankful for a great little sister. She’s got my back on everything!

wpid-IMG_20120527_091433.jpg11. I’m thankful for my wonderful husband! Thanks to him, I’m a mom! Our relationship has grown so much through the years we have been together and I am excited that I get to spend the rest of my life with him.

What are you thankful for?

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Maxine is Here!

Maxine Elisabeth Marsh
September 25th 4:03 pm
5 lbs 15 oz and 19 in

Very exciting news for everyone! She is here! Maxine arrived at 37+4 weeks and it was a great surprise for us all! We didn’t expect her to arrive early, but we are incredibly excited that she did! Last week (Tuesday) when I went to the doctor, she told me that I was 3 centimeters dilated and she went ahead and swept my membranes. After the appointment, we went out to eat because I was craving Five Guys SO BAD. Then we went to walk around the mall because walking around helps the baby drop. When we got home, I bounced and rolled on an exercise ball while watching TV with Marvin, then I went to bed. I was feeling more cramps than usual, but it was expected since I had my membranes swept earlier in the day so I didn’t think anything of it.

At approximately 4:15 AM, I woke up to what I thought was me peeing on myself. Once I got to the bathroom, I realized that my water had actually broken. I changed my pants and then told Marvin to get up. Of course, he didn’t hear me tell him to get up so I said “Marvin, my water just broke, we need to go to the hospital NOW”  and he jumped up out of bed faster than I have ever seen him jump up before. I threw some last minute stuff into my hospital bag (which I had packed since 34 weeks) and headed downstairs. I wasn’t having contractions yet, so I drove us to the hospital since I knew the way and since it was so early because Marv had not had any sleep that night.

Well, 13 minutes later, we were at OBICI hospital making our way up to the women’s center. I won’t even say how fast I was driving. When I got there, I said “Okay ladies, it’s for real this time! My water broke!” Then I had my first contraction of the day. I was doubled over in pain! The nurse asked me if I was sure my water broke, so I unwrapped the towel from my waist and she said “Go get a room ready, her water DEFINITELY broke.” They put me in room 319 and I finally got to lay down and watch some TV. The contractions started getting very close together and by 6 AM I was begging for an epidural. More power to you ladies who go through an entire labor without drugs. Marvin kept trying to go to sleep and I would not let him. He told me that I said “You better not even think about going to sleep right now, I haven’t even had my epidural yet and I am HURTING. ” Finally, at about 8, the anesthesiologist came in and gave me the epidural and I felt like a brand new person. He also set me up with a fentanyl drip for when the pain got too overwhelming. I felt better immediately.

Marvin finally got to take his nap. My mom and dad arrived shortly after my epidural. I was so glad that they were finally there. Then a few hours after that, Marvin’s mom and sister arrived. We all chatted for a while and then I started to feel my contractions again. What I did not know was that my epidural was wearing off. I started to press that button for my fentanyl after almost every contraction. The pain was THAT BAD. The doctor, Tobi, came back in to see if I was dilated enough to start pushing, and I wasn’t. I still had another centimeter to go. At this point I was shaking very badly. I had been shaking all day because my body was in transition, but by 2:30 I was shaking so badly that I was shaking my entire bed. Her student assistant, Laura, came back at 3 to check me again and determined that I was ready and then she went to get Tobi and John, another student that I gave permission to watch my delivery.

FINALLY, around 3:15 it was time to push. My epidural had worn off completely and I was in so much pain that I was vomiting between pushes. And yes, there was poop. Tons of poop. Guess I’m a pro at pushing a baby out! After an hour of tears, I finally pushed her out. At 4:03 PM on September 25th, I became a mother. Marvin cut the umbilical cord. I am glad that he did.I didn’t tear at all! I was most afraid of that. While they were cleaning the baby off, I delivered the placenta. Marvin got to hold the baby first. Then the baby got passed around. I wanted to have bonding time with just me holding baby and trying to get her to latch but that didnt happen. Next time, it will happen. Next time we will have that chest to chest! When I got to hold her, I didn’t cry, I just stared at her cute little smooshed up fresh baby face. Yep. We had a moment.

Eventually, everyone left and Marvin and I got to finally be our little family of three. I can honestly say that this was the most traumatic moment in my life. It was also the most rewarding moment, and I have never been more proud of myself. I know that even though I did not enjoy pregnancy, I will probably do it again in a second. Soon, I will feel normal again. Soon, I will forget the pain and misery. Soon, I will forget how traumatized I was after I gave birth.

I love Maxine so much already. I sit and cry because I’m so happy that I finally have everything that I wanted in life. I have my husband, I have my baby, and I have the family that I always wanted.

our family