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Special thanks to my sister for accurately capturing my thoughts on David’s Bridal

Y’all. After my first experience with them, I have decided that David’s Bridal is the worst. The woooooorrrrst. Specifically the store I visited in Hampton, VA. I went into the store expecting them to at least have a dress in or close to my size to try on. They have the style in store so they should at least have something in a wide variety of sizes since basically everything needs to be ordered anyway right??? WRONG. My sister told them the style because it was in the appointment information and I told them I want to try on the size 24 in the one shoulder style. Well they didn’t have that, but they had a 20 in the halter style. Whatever I’ll try it on though that size is too small. As we guessed, it didn’t fit and it wasn’t even the right style so I was annoyed. So after about an hour of my kids running around in their dresses that they were trying on as well, the attendant came back with a dress in the correct style but in a size 16!!!!!!! YALL. A 16. I haven’t seen 16 since well before I got married. I humored them and tried it on anyway to see where it would stop coming up. Yep it didn’t get past my shoulders (see picture). They said “try it on and we can measure you.” LMFAO. I ended up just taking the girls with me to sit in the car. I was so over that store and that day. In the end, they just measured me so they could order the size I needed. They should have just started off with that since they knew they didn’t have my size. If the store offers in person fitting, they need to have a variety the sizes for the styles they offer. Smallest size, biggest size, and some sizes in between.

Anyways, David’s Bridal is terrible and if it weren’t for the fact that my sister is getting married and using them for dresses, I’d never set foot in that store again.

I did end the week on a positive note by getting behind AND in front of the camera. I love love love photography, especially babywearing and breastfeeding photography. I took some great pictures of myself and my girls. Check out Smitten soon to see what I’ve been up to!

Goal update: I went to the YMCA twice this past week, 3 times if I count the tour, and I listed 19 carriers!

Goals for this week: YMCA twice. DONT GET SICK.


Agree to Disagree

So I often have conversations online with one of my Facebook friends that I know through Xanga. I subscribed to him first, then eventually just friended him. I enjoy talking to him most of the time. He is deeply religious…no, he is a Christian, he said he has no religion…and I am atheist.


Today we had a conversation about Planned Parenthood (PP.) I love the things PP does for everyone, especially since they were so helpful for me when I didn’t have health insurance. Soon, I will be without insurance again and I will once again be going back to PP.


Well you can read the conversation yourself, but I’m going to put a few excerpts from it here as well.  A couple things bothered me…well mostly him just telling me that I am flat out wrong because I don’t share his opinion bothered me.




His status stated, “”Planned Parenthood”…if I was hearing of this organization for the first time, I would have thought it was a service that helped people who WANTED to be parents…not prevent it.”

My response was, ” If I heard it for the first time, I would think it was for planning your parenthood. All aspects of it. But I love the place. Helped me out so much when I didn’t have health insurance!”

He then replied, “That’d be great!! …if the place didn’t have a history of racial “purification”, sexism (namely against males), and DEATH in the name of convenience. I don’t give a rip what “help” they offer, as there are other ways to get the same help. There are Christian churches and other places that DO offer the same care or will help you get it.”

I then stated, “I highly doubt I could walk into a church and get a pap smear. Or birth control pills. That’s what they helped me out with. They also gave me tons of information on safe sex. This is back when I was 19 through 21 years old. They are actually wonderful people. Sure they have things against your beliefs but they help more than they hurt.”

It went on from there, of course. All of his responses for me were from his personal beliefs and experiences, which I can understand! That’s what I love about him! He is very firm in his beliefs and nothing can sway him. I just highly dislike that he does not accept the views, opinions, and experiences of others as justifiable.  He says that ” It’s a simple matter of common sense; of understanding the reality of choices, consequences, and what matters MORE.” In other words, if it is not a view he shares, it is wrong. Plain and simple. He is also very arrogant in his views. “So, yes, what I’ve stated is MY opinion, but it also equates to what IS true regardless of the opinion being expressed.” proves that.

After stating that we should agree to disagree, he can’t agree to disagree because my argument had no foundation to it whatsoever. He then went on to say, “You’re not interested in truth or what’s right. You’re in favor of killing babies before they’re even born even though they are INNOCENT? I would give my life to save that of a child who isn’t even MINE.”

Since he made his stance on abortion clear, that life is important no matter what, I asked him if he held the same view on the death penalty. He did not. But it did prompt him to ask me this: “Are you okay with me murdering you? Can I go up and take your life if you are perceived to get in the way of something I want? Would you be okay with that?” This made me laugh first, then I answered his question. “If you wanted to, go right ahead. I can’t stop you. that’s your choice. I don’t know the reasons people choose for murder, but if you wanted to murder me, that is your personal choice. I don’t have a say in that.”

This answer was not what he wanted to hear so he asked me again in a different form, along with a few other questions. At this point I was over the conversation because it was clear that he was not going to just agree to disagree. He wanted me to just share his views. I can’t do that.



I have my own opinions and beliefs, as do all other people in the world. If we can’t agree on it, why can’t we all just agree to disagree?

See everyone else’s point of view, accept it, and move on.

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Trust Me, I Know.

You know, people really seem to think I am completely ignorant to babies.


“Oh you wait, babies are no cakewalk”   “Beware! You will get to deal with explosive diarrhea!”




I am not ignorant to kids.

In the past decade, I have been pooped on, peed on, sneezed on, puked on (in the face among other things,) coughed on, snotted on, bit, scratched, punched, smacked, EVERYTHING. I’ve seen the most disgusting diapers in life. I’ve seen a kid poop out of their diaper up to their neck.

All this from kids who are NOT mine.

I know what to expect, and I know that there are things that no unwanted story will prepare me for.


The only thing more annoying to me than the people who think that I have no clue what babies even are, are the people who tell me how I should raise my unborn child!


People, I will do what I want, when I want.


If I need advice, I have two moms and two dads, aunts and uncles, plus a sister who have all raised kids who I can turn to.


Unless I ask for advice on anything else (such as what things were amazing for you that you swear by on your baby registry,) consider your advice UNSOLICITED.


A Decision

So before I left for my honeymoon, the schedule for the month of June at OneLife was finalized. I wrote down my schedule before I left so I would know what days I came in when I got back. I had morning shifts and night shifts for all but one day that I worked for the month. The other day I texted my boss (like she says to do for questions) and asked her what time the KidsClub opened because I had my first morning shift Thursday (today). She replied back, oh no, you only work the pm. Excuse me?!? That means that she took me off of the day shift and put her in my place for hours since she was the other person that wanted to work my shift. I heard that she did that but wow, she just took my shift. Today when I go in, I am going to check all of the shifts that I was scheduled in the “final” June schedule before I left against this apparently new schedule. If this is the case in more than today’s shift, I am clocking out and leaving. I don’t need that job anyway. I will just work more at CB again.

But seriously? What manager takes the shift of an employee just because they want the hours??


Today at work…

… one of my tables had a pancake missing (they got two instead of three.) The coworker of mine who ran the food out told the table that I rang the meal in wrong and then pulled me to the the table as I was walking by with a heavy tray of plates to tell me that I rang the meal in wrong.

She was like “Brittany you rang in the 2 pancake mama’s pancakes, not the three” I told her “This is rang in correctly, I will go get the other pancake.”

She’s been working there longer than me, shouldnt she know that the mama’s cakes comes with three pancakes and that the grandma’s and sp pancakes comes with 2?????? SHIT.

I was LIVID. BEYOND LIVID. I wanted to beat the living shit out of her.


1. who DOES that? do you really hate me that much? so much that you want to make sure that I get a $0 tip? I DO WORK ON TIPS BITCH YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT YOU ARE A SERVER AS WELL.

2. instead of telling a blatant LIE about me TO me in front of the table, how about doing the professional thing and letting the kitchen know they shorted the plate one pancake and take it out. Is it that hard? That’s what I did!!


I had to have the manager go out to try to smooth things over. He told the table that I did, in fact, ring the order in correctly and that the other server was out of line to say that.



I definitely HATE some of my coworkers…especially when they destroy my tip.



ESPECIALLY  that one bitch.


Saturday Nights

I hate Saturday nights.

I’m always home alone. I’m either working on homework, doing chores, or sitting doing nothing.

When I’m home alone, I think. Thinking never turns out well because I just pity myself.

No, I’m not going out, I have work in the morning early. No, I’m not going out, I live on a tight budget so I can’t pay. No, I’m not going out, I don’t have anyone to hang with most Saturday nights. And the rare chance I do go somewhere on  a Saturday night is to my parent’s house and I’m usually home by 8:30.

I just wanted to throw myself a pity party. I think I feel better now…that is until I start thinking again.