A Relaxing Weekend

This weekend, I went out of town with my family.

It was the perfect getaway! I relaxed outside, I played pool (very badly) with my dad, I visited the next county, and there were so many breathtaking views!! My family is the best, and I have no idea what I would do without them.

I can’t wait to visit next year with my husband (if he agrees) and baby in tow!









I had an amazing time. Every single amount of stress was lifted off my shoulders. I wish I was still there!




*All photographs are taken by me with a Motorola Droid RAZR M*

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An Open Letter To A Friend

Dear friend,

Let me start this by reminding you that I love you, and you know I do. I love you and your kids tremendously!

You asked me my opinion on my views…”how do you know god is imaginary?” is asking my opinion on  a sensitive subject that we disagree on. I gave you my full and honest opinion. I do that. I don’t lie. I don’t make up an answer that I think one would like. I mean, I am an honest person. That does not make me ignorant. Telling you my opinion on something you disagree on does not make me ignorant. I know I didn’t experience the things you did that led you go religion, and I am thankful that I did not have to. That was an unfortunate thing that you went through and I’m glad you are alive today. No need to curse at me about it. I’m not dismissing what you went through, I just cannot relate to it. I know you saw what you say you saw, that is wonderful. It’s just not something that I believe in.

You being quiet about your views on homosexuality and the like, which is another thing we disagree on, is your choice. I am vocal about gay rights. Or as I like to call them, human rights. Love is love. You can love who you want. That is what I believe.

“Pray for the non-believers, they need it more than anyone else does” was your status update after our discussion. I hear that a lot…that people will pray for me…that their congregations will pray for me. It is okay if you want to pray for me. Pray until your heart is full. I know that it does not affect me. I don’t believe in it. Nonbelievers do not believe in prayer. If that makes you feel better, by all means, be my guest. I can ask you not to pray for me, but I know that wish will not be respected.

I am vocal about my opinions on Twitter. I’m not censored there. There is a reason I update twitter more than Facebook. I rarely use Facebook.

Again, I love you a lot. You know this! And your opinions on me and my views do not change this at all. As long as you don’t directly ask me questions about my views, I will not talk to you about my views. I mean, that is what we were doing before right? You are one of my closest friends. Nothing will change what I think of you.

I love you.


A note to readers: Don’t follow me on twitter if you will be hurt/offended/disgusted with my opinions. I mean, I am myself there. I always will be.




Driving down back roads at night will always comfort me.
I grew up in Smithfield, Virginia.
It’s the place I go when I feel sad.
It is where I go when I need to relax.
It is where I go when I miss my parents.
Whenever I feel stressed, I drive.
I prefer back roads in Smithfield.
I know them like the back of my hand.
They are instant stress relief for me.
Driving under the stars.
No streetlights.
Only my headlights, showing me where to turn next.


Could Smithfield be more comforting?


Mis Sueños


I dream all of the time. I normally just remember bits and pieces here and there, but last night’s dream woke me up in a cold sweat and my heart was racing. It may have a lot to do with the fact that I am sick and I had a fever. I had a nightmare.

It started with us being in a new house that was pretty old. I guess we had just moved in because there were a lot of boxes around the room. I sat up in bed because I heard the door blow open downstairs and said “Marvin, the wind blew the door open, can you go close it? The wind is blowing pretty hard.”

Well when he went downstairs, there was someone downstairs who had broken in! The guy yelled at him and they got into a scuffle and I heard a gunshot. Marvin was not hurt and neither was the other guy but the intruder’s gun going off was enough to make him run away. When I heard the guy’s voice, I called the police and they were just arriving when the guy ran outside to get away and he was immediately arrested. What a relief!

That was a super scary dream. One of my biggest fears is someone breaking into our home. I am so glad that was just a dream but man, that woke me up in a panic!