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Big Changes!

Maxine is turning three soon so we got her a bed as an early birthday gift! She loves all the Peppa Pig things and actually slept in her bed for most of the night Tuesday night. 



Once I put the sheets and comforter on the bed, Maxine did not want to get out. Fingers crossed that she continues to love her bed! 




Happy early birthday, Pep ❤️. 



Mis Sueños


I dream all of the time. I normally just remember bits and pieces here and there, but last night’s dream woke me up in a cold sweat and my heart was racing. It may have a lot to do with the fact that I am sick and I had a fever. I had a nightmare.

It started with us being in a new house that was pretty old. I guess we had just moved in because there were a lot of boxes around the room. I sat up in bed because I heard the door blow open downstairs and said “Marvin, the wind blew the door open, can you go close it? The wind is blowing pretty hard.”

Well when he went downstairs, there was someone downstairs who had broken in! The guy yelled at him and they got into a scuffle and I heard a gunshot. Marvin was not hurt and neither was the other guy but the intruder’s gun going off was enough to make him run away. When I heard the guy’s voice, I called the police and they were just arriving when the guy ran outside to get away and he was immediately arrested. What a relief!

That was a super scary dream. One of my biggest fears is someone breaking into our home. I am so glad that was just a dream but man, that woke me up in a panic!


One of Those Days

Today I am having one of those don’t-wanna-move-off-the-couch-hate-myself-hate-my-life-i’m-pathetic days…well…weeks! I am trying to figure out what put me in this funk. All I have been doing is sleeping. I did go to my first class yesterday but just felt so down that I could not go to my other two classes so I went home and slept. I’ve tried doing homework…fail. I tried picking up my guitar to practice that some…fail. I tried reading MY FAVORITE THING TO DO…fail. Sigh. I just need to be cuddled.

Sometimes I wonder if I should just go back to the doctor and get back on my medication for bipolar disorder. I really can’t take my down days. I welcome my manic days with open arms…minus the no sleep part…but I can’t tolerate these depressed days anymore.

I need to be on a beach somewhere trying to relax.



Waking up with a migraine was not what I wanted. I took a pain pill and here it is 6 hours later and I am just waking back up. I missed two classes today. I will definitely be at my Calculus class though. I have a test tomorrow because I can’t take it Thursday.

My head is still killing me, this is the second time in just 3 days that I have had a migraine. I really do not want this to start becoming a weekly occurrence again. It had been a full six months since my last migraine.

I am NOT thrilled.