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Tutorial: Short Front Cross Carry

Short front cross carry is a poppable carry that can be done with a base -1 to base -4 depending on the wrap you use. This carry can be done with or without a ring. This will demonstrate how to do short front cross carry with a ring.

You will need one ┬álarge sling ring (or medium if your wrap is thin) and your wrap to do this. I am using Smitten Lady Bird’s Bluebonnets.

Brittany holding a red sling ring in her hand and a blue, green, white, and purple woven wrap in the other hand

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On the left is the first time I wore Maxine (2ish weeks old.) On the right is the first time I wore Minerva (5 hours old.)

The single most important part of my parenting journey is babywearing. Period. I mean of course there are other important things like feeding the baby, taking your vitamins (like these Honest vitamins,) and making sure you get to eat, but babywearing is one part of my parenting journey I can’t sing the praises of enough.

Thanks to babywearing, I’ve felt more confident in my parenting journey. I know that my children feel safe with me. I know that I can comfort them at a moment’s notice. I know that my relationship with them is getting stronger everyday. When the world is too overwhelming, I know that I can comfort them while they comfort me. 

What is the most important part of your parenting journey?

This moment in motherhood inspired by the Honest Company‘s honest moments video series.