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Review: Easy Feel Products SSC

Easy Feel Products is a company out of Gurgaon, India that I was introduced to through Tandem Trouble!  During my time as an ambassador for the brand, I’ve had a great amount of time to use this carrier and it turns out that I like the carrier a lot! Even after my ambassadorship is over, I will be using this carrier. Now onto the review!

I first received this carrier in the Terrracotta colorway in February when Minerva was eight months old and she was just big enough to fit it comfortably! Then it was super easy to carry her comfortably. As she’s grown, she has continued to feel weightless in this carrier. She is currently 20 lbs and about 29 inches long.

Minerva hooks brittany's mouth with her finger while Brittany winces. Minerva is being worn in a burgundy ikat print carrier

The padding in this carrier is phenomenal! It is firm and molds to my shoulders. The  position of the shoulder strap adjuster makes this extremely easy to adjust in front and back carriers which is part of why I like this carrier so much. This carrier also has perfect fit adjusters (PFAs) which help the carrier fit more snug and also makes nursing in the carrier easy for me.

Brittany looks down at minerva smiling while wearing minerva in a burgundy Ikat print buckle carrier

Minerva could ride arms in and out in this carrier. This carrier does not allow you to cross straps or hip carry.  The weight  range is 15-45 lbs (7-20 kg) and it comes in a wide variety of  beautiful designs. It is made of 100% handwoven heavy bottom-weight cotton Ikat which is very light weight yet very sturdy and comfortable. It is excellent in warm weather. It is also easily machine washable.  I recommend this carrier to wearers of all skill level.

Brittany is nursing Minerva in a burgundy carrier. The sun glows behind them.

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babywearing, review

Review: Action Baby Carriers

Action Baby Carriers is a family run business out of Detroit, Michigan. Andrea and Curtis are dedicated to producing a high quality, comfortable, and affordable carrier for families everywhere! These are soft structured carriers (also called SSC and buckle carriers) and are the easiest to use in my opinion. I recently was given the Standard “Elle” ABC to try out for review.


I was so shocked with the comfort level! It was thin, but padded in all the right spots. The shoulders were super comfortable. Once buckled and adjusted, I still had plenty of room left! That is a big deal for me since I am plus sized. Finding a carrier that fits well is important to me. I got the standard sized carrier because Maxine loves to ride arms out. She could still tuck her arms in if she wanted to though. I loved how this carrier molded to her body. It looked just like how my woven wraps mold to her body. Maxine is 25ish lbs and 32 inches tall. She can fit the toddler carrier as well.


The carrier offers the option of crossing the straps across your front or back when wearing. I personally did not like the straps crossed because it dug into my muffin top (lol), but it offers a ton more support that way! The pattern went all the way to the top of the hood, so when you have it buckled, it is one continuous pattern.

At $98 for standard and $114 for toddler, these carriers are a great budget/mid priced carrier. The ABC folds down small and can fit in your diaper bag.The carrier doesn’t take up much space.

Even my sister loved it!

This carrier is great for beginners as well as advanced wearers! It is one of my most used carriers.

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