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Review: Nona Woven Wraps Palmae Barbuda

Today I am reviewing Nona Woven Wraps‘ Palmae Barbuda! Palmae Barbuda is one of Nona Woven’s budget wraps. The wrap retails at $85 for a size 7! Here in the United States, you can get Nona Woven Wraps from Blossoming Mama out of Houston. Budget wraps are becoming easier to find and I absolutely love that! I’m a stay at home mom of one with one on the way, so budgeting is even more important to me now than it was before. Enough of my blabbing, onto the review!!

Palmae Barbuda shocked me. I didn’t know what to expect when it came to me, but when I opened the bag, I pulled out a wrap that could stand on its own! Immediately, I thought “yep, I will have no problem carrying Maxine for a while in this.” The wrap is on the thin and is grippy. There was next to no glide in this wrap. I found it easiest to do single layer carries such as the rucksack back carry and front wrap cross carry in Palmae Barbuda.  With a large dose of patience, I was able to do multi-pass carries.

With my 30+ pound 3 foot tall toddler, I have enjoyed front carries the most! Once I had her all tied into a front wrap cross carry tied at the side, Maxine did not BUDGE ONE BIT. The slipknot stayed where I put it and tight. It was a little difficult to make the slipknot because of how grippy the wrap is, but it was worth it. It didn’t even hurt my shoulders at all! PB takes a lot of work to break in. I have been ring dragging, knot dragging, braiding, ironing, and wearing all the time to help the breaking in process. This wrap still has a ways to go!

PB basically pleats itself. I love wraps that pleat on their own! The back carry I enjoyed doing most was Shepherds back carry. Though the wrap was a little long for shepherds at 5 meters even which is a base minus 1 for me, I just rocked it with long flowing tails. I usually do shepherds with a base minus 2 or 3.  The best part about this wrap was that it was super forgiving of terrible wrap jobs. There were many times that our uppies were frantic tantrum calming ups and those do not allow for precision tightening. Those are GET HER UP NOOOOOOOW types of carries.

Nona’s Palmae Barbuda is not a beginner budget wrap. I would recommend this wrap to intermediate and experienced wrappers. This would be great for wrapping heavier babies and toddlers. I would not recommend this for newborn wearing because it is not soft. If you like thin and super grippy wraps, you may like this one a lot!

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