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Review: Natibaby Monarchs 

One of the first brands that I ever tried when wrapping was Natibaby, so when Marsupial Mamas asked me to try out their exclusive Natibaby Monarchs wrap, I was thrilled!! This wrap caught my eye because of the beautiful monarch butterflies all over the wrap. Maxine constantly asked for uppies in “butterfwies mommy!!” over the two weeks we borrowed this wrap.

The Monarchs wrap that I tried out was a base -2ish for me. It wrapped like a long 6 (which makes sense because in my experience, natibaby wraps run a little long). This 100 % cotton beauty was solid. It is a dense weave that is so very toddlerworthy! It held Maxine’s 30ish lbs no problem! Maxine is a tall 2.5 year old as well and the width of the wrap handled that no problem!

This wrap felt flat on my shoulders. It was not diggy at all! I wore it in many single layer front carries, but I preferred it in a multilayered back carry. Maxine’s Back Carry was my favorite carry to do with this wrap. Monarchs is not soft but it is still very comfortable. It has basically zero stretch and it was not super moldable, but it still was easy to get the passes in place thanks to the glide.

I would compare this to other Natibaby cotton wraps. I was so surprised to enjoy the wrap so much because it is basically opposite in what I prefer for wearing Maxine. It definitely had the most important quality for me though–SUPPORT. Since I am now 24 weeks pregnant, I need something that will lock into place and not budge. THIS IS THAT WRAP. Once tied off, it did not move an inch! We also wore this to the Zoo for an hour in 80 degree weather. The wrap is not airy, but we didn’t melt in the multilayered carry for the hour she was up.

I recommend this wrap to experienced wearers and those who are wearing toddlers! It will take some breaking in for sure. The pattern is absolutely beautiful, and I bet if you love the pattern, you will want the wrap as well.

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