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Since I Have a Minute

Maxine is doing absolutely great! She is almost six weeks old and she is about 8 lbs now. She is a champion breastfeeder and she just went through another growth spurt. That was a crazy week. She was up every hour to eat throughout the day AND night. I can always tell when a growth spurt is about to happen now because she will sleep almost the entire 24 hours before it starts.

Maxine can spin herself in a circle when she is laying on her stomach. She still hates being on her back and she still hates the bath. I learned that she loves the shower though! She still is wearing newborn clothes, but the sleepers are getting a little snug for her long legs. Luckily her legs are bent most of the time when she is wearing them because she normally is sleeping when she is wearing one. Her hair is growing in really well and I can’t wait until it is long enough for me to put in pretty hair styles.

1450078_1872823646191684_1323984571_n (6)

I just got my infinity nursing scarf in the mail today! I love it already and when I practiced using it, I realized that this is going to make nursing in public (NIP) incredibly easy for me! It covers everything up and unless someone is staring at me, they won’t even know that I am feeding Max! The one in this picture is the same design as the one I have, but it is not the shop I purchased it from.

2fdc9e6a9b9c8aed8a283e6a89e9bcffAfter this month of breastfeeding and pumping for Maxine, I have decided to upgrade my breast pump. This pump is great, but it is not effective for my needs. This was the perfect pump to start out with. It is called the Medela Swing.

The pump that I am upgrading to is called the Medela Pump in Style Advanced. This will produce more milk in less time and I can pump both breasts at one time rather than one breast at a time. This will cut my pumping time more than in half and the best part is that I will be able to start a freezer stash for when Max.MPNSA001-02

I also am in the process of starting a new job! It is with West Corporation and I am an at-home agent. This job will be great to have for me to bring in income and the best part I get to choose my own hours and still stay home with Maxine! That was my ultimate goal.

I’m really happy with my life right now. Things are always great when you put faith in yourself!!

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Not Yet Maxine!!!


Maxine gave Marvin and I quite the scare!


Today started off like any normal Friday. Me jumping for joy because it is the end of the work week!! (not really, but I was happy!)

I got to work and realized it was bike day. This means the kids were allowed to bring their bikes and trikes to daycare today so they could ride them in the parking lot during outside time. No big deal. Sounded like a lot of fun!

All of my kids who brought a bike, knew how to ride their bike, so I sat in a chair and watched them. They were having so much fun! At this point, school-age children were out helping to push the little ones who could not pedal themselves around. Once the school aged kids went inside, a lot of the kids were stranded! I decided to help out two of the two- year-olds (since I only have two hands) and pushed them around the parking lot for a while since their teachers were not helping them out. I was free, my kids didn’t need any help! That was tiring, but hey, the kids were happy! That’s all that matters! Soon after this, it was time to bring everyone inside, so I put the bikes by the door and took my class inside for lunch.



Then I had a contraction. Not just a Braxton Hicks contraction. A REAL CONTRACTION.


I thought maybe it happened because I was hungry. I mean, I was very hydrated already and I didn’t think I overdid it outside. I ate a wrap and drank more water. I sat down while the kids were eating.


About ten minutes later, I had another contraction.


At this point I knew it wasn’t just me being hungry. The kids finished their lunch, I took them to the next classroom for their nap. I put their cots down, (so I would not have to hear attitude like I have been all week from the lead teacher in that classroom…I so didn’t need more stress) asked the other teacher in the classroom to sign my kids in and went to the assistant director to let her know what was happening and she told me to go ahead and leave and get the help I needed.


I sped home, quickly yelled for my husband, and we sped off to labor and delivery. On the way to the hospital, I had ANOTHER contraction. At this point I was eerily calm on the outside, but internally HYSTERICAL.


Once we got to the hospital, things calmed down. I had one contraction while I was there, and luckily, no more after that. Maxine’s heart rate was excellent the entire time we were there and my mom got to hear it too for the first time!


The doctor said that I may have overdid it at work today with all the bending and pushing and lifting that I did today, and also, that I need to take it easy. Limited lifting (sorry kids!) and to stay hydrated. I swear I will float away by the end of this pregnancy, I drink so much water!!


I drank a huge cup of water while I was there, and have been sucking down these big cups of water since I left L&D and I have been just relaxing like the doctor said.


I have never been this scared in my life! Maxine, we love you and can’t wait to meet you, but you need to finish baking first!!



I am so happy that baby and I are fine.


I hope that I don’t have to be back in labor and delivery until AFTER 37 weeks!


I just can’t with people.

All the time I hear, “you rely on tips for your salary? You need a new job.”


I’m so sick of that and similar comments. At least I HAVE a job.


I know that being a waitress is not a glamorous job, and I know that being a waitress is not anyone’s first choice of job.

But at least I have one.


That is much more than many can say.


I bust my ass at work in order to make money. I have to work harder than most people I know. It’s not the cushy desk job that I want. That is what I am in college for. That’s right, I am actually in college. I’m not a high school dropout like most of the people suggest.  I’m working my way through college. I have bills that I pay.

People think servers make SO MUCH money. That is not always the case. If it is slow, we don’t make that much money. When it is busy, we still sometimes don’t make that much money. In this state servers make $2.13 an hour. Sometimes more but that is rare.


When someone doesn’t tip because they “don’t get tipped to do [their] job” all I can do it get angry. I mean it is a different field than theirs, I’m sure. It is not the same.


I work really hard to make sure your orders are correct, that your drinks are filled, that you have napkins, ketchup, hot sauce, whatever you need. Is it really that hard to just say “thank you” sometimes?

Also, you should tip for togo as well. I don’t see you back there bagging your own food.


Also, WE DON’T SPIT IN YOUR FOOD…even if you ARE a raging bitch. That movie “Waiting” is not real!


And really, if all waiters and waitresses got a new job like these arrogant assholes suggest, there would be no one to take care of you when you go out to eat.


I’m sorry this is so jumbled. Clearly something was bothering me and I had to get it off of my chest.



“Refusing to tip because you disagree with the “institution” of tipping, even though your server’s livelihood relies on it? How very principled of you. Way to stick it to the man.”



Endometriosis sucks.

Fibromyalgia sucks.

Bipolar Disorder sucks

Fibro and Endo BOTH  make me feel so sick all of the time.  They make me feel constant pain. Usually I can just smile through the illness and pain, but today I just feel  like crying about it. I could not stay at work today because my stomach is upset from them. I can’t eat what I want. I have yet to find the perfect combination of foods to eat that will prevent my gastroenterological issues.  This just makes me sadder than I already am. More depressed. More angry. More emotional.

Why can’t this be easier?

Why can’t there be a cure for  these issues?




Why me?



Chronic and mental illnesses really fucking suck.


Working While Ill

As many of you know, I have the flu. The flu season has hit earlier than normal and I must tell you, this is one nasty bug!


I am one of a few who have had the flu at work recently. The main person infecting everyone, is the person who came to work while still sick.


I understand that you need the money.
I understand that calling out is frowned upon.
I understand that you think you feel ok enough to work.


I have gone to work sick, that was because my job was threatened and this was when I had no health insurance. I went to work, and sat in a corner away from everyone the entire shift.


Employers need to stop threatening their employees.
Employers need to stop forcing their sick employees to work.
Employers need to encourage sick employees to stay home.

The only thing having a sick employee at work does is infect others.



This is why I am sick.


you know, because we can just leave…

So this lady came in by herself to eat.

She was all panicky and didn’t want her ticket to be over $10. (came out to $10.03)

She insisted that she get 1 pancake and grits and eggs and sausage.

She said that what I offered her wasn’t good enough and she needed all this in one meal.

She finally settled for the smokehouse breakfast and no pancake.

She got up and left. Crossed silverware on the plate and everything.


So the next table even saw her go outside and we cleaned the table off. I mean when someone leaves we clean the table.

She came back inside like 5 minutes later mad because all of her stuff was gone.  Continue reading “you know, because we can just leave…”

BFF Date Night, Family, Hair, update

A small update

Tonight was wash night. yay…I have a love/hate relationship with that! I love how curly my hair seems. but I don’t know many hairstyles yet! boo. I want to learn how to twist my hair.

Me the other day. I love wearing my fro!!

Me and my best friend in life Samantha!! I love her so much and I have no clue what I would do without a friend like her. This is from one of our date nights earlier this week.

I’ve been doing ok. I’m excited because school started Thursday! Also my birthday is this upcoming Tuesday. The big 2-5. Married life is wonderful. I miss Disney World. I’ve been sick and my fibromyalgia has been terrible. I’ve seen a ton of awesome movies. The Expendables 2 and ParaNorman have been my favorites!  I went to warped tour. Work has been interesting and I lost my “work bff” because she is super paranoid but that is another post in itself.

That is a short little update. I promise a longer one soon!!!